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This is my student story.  I don’t know if it’s exactly what you were looking for but it’s the story that keeps me coming to work every day:

On my third day of employment with a proprietary school, I contacted a student for an attendance call.  When I spoke to the student, she asked me to please not leave her a message referencing the university.  She requested that I just say my name, as if I was just one of her friends calling to hang out.  When I asked her why, she informed me that her live in boyfriend was not aware that she was going to school.  She stated that he was very controlling, and didn’t want her going to school, but she needed to better her situation so she could leave him.  After asking a few tactful questions, I determined that the student was safe physically.  I gave her some information for women’s shelters in her area, but this wasn’t what she wanted to do.  She was going to do this on her own, and that was that.

We had a few bad terms, but overall this student did quite well.  She had to withdraw two times, and each time I anxiously awaited to see if she would re-enter.  When she did, I always would call right away to see how she was doing, and if she was still “safe.”  The student first completed her Diploma and got a job from her internship.  She then continued on and got her Associate’s degree.  When she started her Bachelor’s Degree, she got promoted and moved out of her boyfriend’s house.  He came after her.  She called me to let me know that she was going to a battered woman’s shelter and didn’t know if she would have internet access.  She would try to keep up in her homework.  That term, she got straight A’s.  It was apparently the best way to keep her mind off of what was going on.  She filed a restraining order.  She worked with her company to transfer to a new location in a different state.  She graduated from her Bachelor’s program with a 3.5 GPA.

I talked to her last week and she is thinking about coming back to get her MBA in Health Care Management, but isn’t sure.  She likes her current job, but is considering going back to school to be a teacher.  She wants to help women in her situation better their lives, “like our school helped her.”

Student Services Staffer, Privately Held University

As alumni from four separate colleges and having been employed by a career college for the past 6 ½ years I have a unique and valuable perspective. At age 15 I started at the University of Saint Thomas, a private four year college, then transferred to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, a public 4 year college, then enrolled at High-Tech Institute – Minnesota (now Anthem), a career college. Later on I went back and completed an online program with Anthem College Online. Each of these schools provided enrichment in my education and all of them have helped to some degree in my professional life. For someone in their early 30’s I’ve had a successful life in the private sector, public sector and within education. I’ve also held 3 different public offices at levels in my community, metropolitan area around Minneapolis / Saint Paul and at the state level. The education I received at Anthem College granted me an opportunity to enter the workforce in the field of radiology where I quickly rose to a management level. About 6 years ago I came back to the career college where I’ve worked in a variety of roles as an instructor, externship evaluator and coordinator, and currently am employed as a career services advisor. None of this would have been possible without the career college education I had received. The position I currently hold as a career advisor helping people find work can be one of the most rewarding positions. What is rewarding is watching someone for the first time in their life entering a profession or career rather than a job; someone that was homeless while in school finally reach the point of receiving their first paycheck; having a graduate I taught in a classroom several years ago call and let me know they received a promotion to be a clinic manager. Career colleges, like Anthem, work toward the end goal of having that graduate gain employment in their field of study and advisors like me work to no end to make certain that opportunities are presented to a prepared graduate. I mentioned earlier about holding public office and noted that for a reason. I did so because I also understand what politics is about. It is sad that this proposed policy from our president is more about politics and not people. This policy will destroy all career colleges under a cover of regulation that only has isolated instances of abuse. The president has a history of supporting public institutions over private institutions on this topic and others. What he fails to realize is that it is not necessary to destroy career colleges as a whole that are doing great things for our citizens, often the poorest in our country. Those are the same citizens that we need to have in the workforce to bring this nation to the great place we all want it to be. Career colleges help them reach these goals and dreams. Career colleges often provide the foundation to the healthcare industry. Without medical assistants, x-ray technicians, surgical technicians, medical billing coders and other allied health professionals our physicians wouldn’t be able to handle the number of patients they have today. The federal bureau of labor and statistics sites dramatic shortfalls of staff in all these areas in the coming future with baby boomers retiring and not enough people to replace their positions and the expected growth with their healthcare needs. We need our leaders to find ways to guide people into these fields and reward schools that are bringing highly qualified staff into these positions rather than build barricades. Should this policy see the light of day I will be fortunate enough to find employment with the diverse and extensive background I have. I am doubtful of finding opportunity to directly see success for so many as I am fortunate enough to see today and am even sadder for those who would be stripped of ever reaching their American dream.

Eric L, Anthem College Graduate

From a privately held university: “One of our Medical Assisting students who is graduating this August 2010 has been working as a fulltime employee since March at the medical facility that she fulfilled both her proctored practicum and externship requirements at, which is very exciting and an ideal situation for the student.  She wrote in an email to me about her “awesome experience” with our online university and told me that she’s had many people ask about her education and that she’s personally been spreading the word about us.  Her externship site gave her a great evaluation as well (all “Excellent” performance ratings).   This student is a prime example of someone who may not have had the time, budget or resources to attend a traditional four-year university but through our college has earned a degree while gaining experience in the medical field AND came out with a full-time job before she even graduated.”