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The Department of Education has proposed a new regulation called “Gainful Employment” that will limit access to Title IV financial aid for approximately 360,000 career college students per year if they do not meet an arbitrary one-size-fits-all debt-to-income ratio.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce believes this rule would limit education and economic opportunities for thousands of African American and other minority students throughout the nation.

The chamber represents 95,000 Black-owned businesses with 190 affiliated chapters operating internationally to sustain Black communities through opportunity.  We recognize that opportunity is built largely on getting a good education and obtaining the skills necessary to gain employment.  That is why we believe the Gainful Employment rule would disproportionately impact minority, low-income, non-traditional and other underserved students who rely on Title IV financial aid to pay for higher education.

We are asking the Department of Education to rethink this rule because of the negative consequences it will have on Black students across the country. Write to the Department of Education and let them know that we are against this rule! Go to and click on “Submit a Comment.”