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As an employee of Anthem College in St. Louis, Missouri I am writing to oppose the Department of Education`s proposed `gainful employment` definition. At Anthem College, we witness on a daily basis the drive and determination of our students to meet their career goals. We work very hard to provide them with the education and training necessary to obtain high demand jobs and compete in today`s competitive workforce. We have an enrollment of 277 students, primarily female, African American, with the average age between 23-25 years old. Our students are economically disadvantaged and pursue education to improve their lives and the future of their families. Many of my students are single moms that sacrifice their everyday life by continuing their education, an education that is not only for them but for their children. Moreover, these are students who will most likely be a first generation graduate of college something that will show their children that when they graduate they will be second generation graduates which will be in line with President Obama’s vision and quest to be the most educated country in the world by the year 2020. These are also students that have not been well-served by traditional colleges, which are in any event filled to capacity. We accept only students who have a reasonable chance of success in our programs, and I am proud that they graduate, find employment in their fields of study at the rate of 70%. This is much higher than the success rate of community colleges in our city because we work hard to provide academic and other support for our students. Large health care providers such as St. Louis University Hospital apart of the Tenet Healthsystem St. Louis, Inc, Barnes Jewish Hospital apart of the Barnes Jewish Christian Health Care Systems, St. John’s Mercy Health Systems, SSM Health Care St. Louis which includes over 10 hospitals and 250 medical offices, just to name a few, seek out our graduates because they are well-prepared.

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