A Call to Action for All Career College Students and Their Supporters

On July 26, 2010, the U.S. Department of Education published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), which we believe goes above and beyond the Department’s statutory authority to define whether or not certain postsecondary educational programs would lead to “gainful employment” in a recognized field.  This proposed rule endangers career college students, programs and schools. We are asking you to contact  your Congressmen or Congresswomen and share why you chose a career college education.

Finding your congressional representatives is easy.   Your state has two Senators and you have a US House Representative for your community.  To find who represents you in congress visit this website and enter your zip code –  If you click the name of the member of congress it will bring up their bio.  Next, click on the “contact” tab.  This will give you the addresses of their DC and home offices, fax numbers and phone numbers as well as a web form for contacting them.

Now forward this information to your friends, parents and employer and ask them to do the same.  Our collective voices will keep the Career College option a viable choice for education in America.

For more information on the proposed Gainful Employment regulations please visit the Gainful Employment Fact or Fiction blog and share your career college story.

  1. Jeff Nelson says:

    I am VERY upset about this. Please do not let this pass. How unjust and unfair!

  2. Luke says:

    Awesome website.

  3. Susan Dandridge says:

    I find that there are others things going on that should take preference over this. People need education and a degree to even get gainful employment now days. If this is passed what about the people in the middle sector who have no where else to go. Do not pass please.

    • Susan Houston says:

      This must not pass. I have personally witnessed the positive life changes in the graduates of Career Colleges and Technical Schools

  4. Kimeylle Person says:

    I chose to go to an online college because of the convenience. Having a fulltime job and raising a family leaves one no time for a higher education. Being able to continue one’s education is very important and being able to do it in your own time helps those who are not able to go and sit in a classroom to further their education. I chose Herzing after being enrolled in two other online colleges because I found that Herzing Online was best suited for me. Obtaining a degree is going to help me further my career and give me the stability needed to make sure my family and I survive. Our vote does count!

  5. Kimberly Mansfield says:

    Please do not pass this. I am a single parent that just went back to school, education is vital especially now with the current economy – how negative this woul be lfor our future students that like me will be looking to further their education.

  6. Kimberly Scott says:

    Please do not pass this law I am a hard working student who is on track to bettering my future. Taking online courses has been a tremendous help to me because I work two jobs and so it provides that extra help to me so I don’t have to worry about going to class and working two jobs.

  7. Jessie Horkan says:

    I chose Herzing Online University, because one I am hard of hearing and being in class room setting does not work for me at all. Two I move around a lot. With Herzing I am able to move and stay at one school and continue my classes. Last but not least. I am able to work 2 jobs and still have time for my schooling because my job allows me to be on the computer for a few hours a day. Other wise I wouldn’t be able to afford school. Which means I would always stay at low paying job.

  8. nikisha says:

    I have to say that this is a sad situation right now.I’m a full time worker,mother,and student of online classes at Herzing University.I have been going to Herzing for a year now and will be graduating next fall with my Bachelors degree in criminal justice.Why would a law like this be passed for individual like myself have so much to offer in the workforce.Herzing has been a tremendous aspect in my life from beginning to end.They are an regionally accredited college that inspire students to keep working at your goals.Please do not pass this law.This will hurt so many students that have worked very hard to obtain them credits and obtain them good grades.I have a voice that says don’t past the law please listen to the students who actually benefit from Herzing University.

  9. jennifer Lichauco says:

    I chose Herzing University, that is the only school reply right away. But when I have problem we some of class at first I wanna move to different school but they gave a lot of choices and they are very supportive for what I need. There are so helpful to me. Thanks again..

  10. Hazel Anderson says:

    Please do not pass this law. I am a very hard working student who is trying to complete her studies to pursue her career dream and would like to be of service to her community.

    I am currently unemployed and Financial Aid is how I pay for my education. Therefore, please reconsider this action.

  11. John Nessen says:

    Why penalize all “for profit” schools and their current and/or future prospective students for the inexcusable misdeeds of others?

    Instead, let’s hold those unscrupulous people and schools accountable for their despictable actions…plus, support the schools whom are ethical, just and provide a high quality higher education to thousands of people.

  12. D. Robinson says:

    Online education is important for the adults, as well as kids leaving high school. Online schooling with Herzing as been a great experience for me. It works so well with my schedule. I also do not live near any schools that I could attend for my field I am studying. The closest place is over 100 miles. Driving back and forth, along with balancing my life would be very difficult. I think online schooling should always be an option for everyone. Anydody that wants to better themselves may not be able to do so if there is not an option for online schooling. Anyone that is willing to further their careers is a great thing in my opinion. I think in the long run, it will help us all to make for an improved economy. Please, do not pass this. This would be very disappointing to a lot of people.

  13. I am a beneficary of a career college education. This type of education offered me a hands on approach to learning and fulfilled my career goals. I took out loans to pay for my education and I am happy to say that I they are paid in full.
    Students deserve access to the higher education program of their choice. The propose new regulations would hinder such choices. There are non-profit colleges that serve the interest of the student and counsel them wisely during the financial process. When we take away the freedom of choice for education, we are sabotaging the future.
    If these regulations go into effect they should be applied to all programs at all colleges across the nation.

  14. I am a beneficiary of a career college education. This type of education offered me a hands on approach to learning and fulfilled my career goals. I took out loans to pay for my education and I am happy to say that they are paid in full.
    Students deserve access to the higher education program of their choice. The propose new regulations would hinder such choices. There are non-profit colleges that serve the interest of the student and counsel them wisely during the financial process. When we take away the freedom of choice for education, we are sabotaging the future.
    If these regulations go into effect they should be applied to all programs at all colleges across the nation.

  15. Bill Atkinson says:

    If you really want to help students – and this gainful employment legislation is NOT about helping students – you would want the graduates to graduate less in debt. To do that, you need to lower tuition – but that would violate the 90/10 rule. So, if you are truly concerned about the students – eliminate the 90/10 rule – then you can institute gainful employment and the schools can lower tuition. Otherwise you are going to put a lot of schools out of business and put thousands of would-have-been graduates on welfare. PLEASE DO NOT pass this law unless you eliminate the 90/10 rule.

  16. Elisa Hiatt says:

    Please do not let this Pass!!!!!!!!! Many students count on us and we provide a good education for many single working people. Or just for anyone looking for a good education period.

  17. devona says:

    i joined dis so that i want be prostituting

  18. Keith R says:

    Please don’t pass this law, FA helps so many students out who can’t afford to go to college. My school is helping me out so much and I am learning a lot!

  19. Marilyn Knox says:

    Please do not pass this bill.

  20. elizabeth graves says:

    i am happy to recieve financial aid to further my education i dont see how limiting so many students will advance our economy or future.

  21. Melodee says:

    I currently attend a technical institute and I am enjoying every minute of it. I find the information that I am learning to be extremely helpful and vital to the career I have chosen as a Medical Assistant. My entire schooling has been paid by either government grants or government loans due to the fact that money is an issue in my household.Technical institutions such as mine don’t cost nearly as much as a university, therefore the opportunities are endless for people wanting to further their education and gain a successful career. Also I went with this school because they have SEVERAL times for classes which really helps when working a full time job and supporting a household on your own. If funding is taken away from institutions such as the one I am attending this means other people in my situation will stay dormant in a dead end jobs and will not be able to better them selfs and help others. This needs to be reconsidered, not everyone is upper class and can afford to pay the thousands of dollars to attend a university and many of us have jobs that wont work around school schedules, so we need a school that will work around our work schedule. Once again I will stress that NOT EVERYONE IS UPPER CLASS AND CAN AFFORD THE OUTRAGEOUS COST TO ATTEND A 4 YEAR COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY.

  22. CW Winn says:

    I do not support any action that is not distributed fairly accross all systems. Harvard has programs that would not pass Gainful Employment and so do many State Colleges and yet they are not required to meet these same standards.

  23. Brittany I. says:

    A lot of people will have to forfeit their right to a higher education because of this “Gainful Employment” act. The President and congressmen are stating and campaigning on how “we” as Americans need to continue our higher education, enroll in universities and colleges so that we can get high paying jobs and stimulate the economy. Well the only problem with that, is that we can’t afford to attend these colleges, nor do we have the time to attend these major universities that ultimately require you to attend school during the day. Granted some colleges have evening courses but not all of them. And beyond the financial aid you still have to come out of pocket for a lot of things that are needed to attend those universities, like books, supplies, meals, parking, lab materials, etc… The only thing that low income families can afford are (“second rate”how some senators like to label it ) career colleges.

    About half of the people in this supposedly great nation are considered low income. The only thing they are accomplishing by enacting this new law/rule is taking away the last bit of hope that these (“lower income”) people (like myself) had for themselves as well as their children. For most, this is the only way to better their children’s lives, to one day be above the lower income stigma and to not have to struggle or even worry about whether or not they’ll be able to make ends meet. The only thing the government will be stimulating is the continuation of a vicious cycle that will keep the rich people rich and poor people poor.

  24. Tony Page says:

    As an employee of a career college, I believe that the proposed gainful employment rules might not reflect the true income for a student by looking at the first year of income after a student graduates. When a student graduates he/she might only work a portion of the year they graduated in because they were going to school and looking for a job the rest of that year. The proposed rules should measure the income for the first full year of employment for a student. For example, if a student graduates in June and starts working in September of a given year, the income used to calculate the debt-to-income should be for the following calendar year, allowing a full year of income.

  25. Mike says:

    Gainful Employment is a good thing. These schools blanket our media with marketing offering false promises. These schools need to be held accountable. Right now they’re swamping students with debt needlessly with sub-par education.

    They get their money and they don’t have to do anything for it. They’re targeting low income sub-prime borrowers.

  26. Mike says:

    And also, the students dont lose. The students can take their grants and loans and go elsewhere.

    And if their credits don’t transfer? One more reason the school is being shut down from government funds in the first place.

    • Mike, my school, the type you are referring to accepted over 60 credits from another school allowing me to earn my BSBA in under two years. They are regionally accredited and as I am looking into doctorate programs everything is transferable. Generally it is a regionally accredited school that can’t take credits from a nationally accredited school. Regional accreditation is the top of the accrediting bodies and a high percentage of career colleges are regionally accredited just like the state universities.

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